Tufts Alcohol And Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage

Tufts includes addiction treatment as part of its health insurance coverage. The amount of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab programs varies by each Tufts health plan.

Tufts Insurance Coverage For Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Tufts is an insurance carrier that provides health insurance coverage. As part of minimum essential health benefits, major Tufts plans will cover alcohol and drug rehab at least in part. Tufts health insurance plans may cover different treatment types such as inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and office visits with a mental health professional.

Spring Hill Recovery accepts various types of health insurance to help with the cost of its addiction treatment services, dual diagnosis treatment, and mental health treatment.

If you’re looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment for you or a loved one, your next step is to get more information on your Tufts coverage, which treatment services it will cover, and what you could expect your out-of-pocket expenses to be.

Tufts Insurance Coverage For Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Your rehab coverage will vary depending on your Tufts insurance plan.

Generally, the plan’s tier impacts the amount of coverage as follows:

  • bronze plans: Plan covers 60 percent of treatment costs
  • silver plans: Plan covers 70 percent of treatment costs
  • gold plans: Plan covers 80 percent of treatment costs

Keep in mind that additional factors can impact the complete costs. For example, your health insurance plan will have a deductible that you may have to pay before the treatment coverage begins to kick in.

Also, your treatment provider can impact the cost, so your plan will generally cover more of the cost of an in-network provider than an out-of-network provider.

Using Tufts Insurance To Pay For Substance Abuse Treatment

Insurance behavioral health benefits can greatly reduce the cost of addiction treatment by paying a large percentage of the cost of care.

You would only be responsible for the smaller portion of the overall cost. Factors about your plan can impact your overall treatment costs because of variations in the deductible, the provider you use, and more.

Do I Have To Stay In-Network To Use Tufts Insurance For Drug Rehab?

You have the choice of whether to go to an in-network provider or out-of-network provider with your Tufts plan. HMO and PPO plans connect members with a network of providers that the plan covers, so you’re likely to have most or all of your treatment costs covered by going to one of these providers.

Nonetheless, many health insurance plans also provide coverage for out-of-network providers. By going to one of these treatment providers, the amount of coverage may be less, and out-of-network care may come with a separate deductible.

Out-of-Pocket Costs For Addiction Treatment With Tufts

The out-of-pocket costs you could expect to pay for alcohol and drug treatment often include:

  • deductibles
  • copayments or coinsurance
  • any costs not covered by the Tufts health insurance plan

You may need to pay for the cost of the deductible before the plan pays for its portion of your drug and alcohol treatment costs. The deductible amount varies by your Tufts health plan.

After using your health insurance coverage, treatment facilities can often help with the cost of care. They may offer scholarships, sliding fee scales, and other payment plan options to help people in substance abuse treatment and their families with the cost of care.

How Do I Find A Massachusetts Rehab Center That Accepts Tufts?

Tufts insurance company is widely accepted by health providers, so you should be able to find many detox, outpatient, and residential treatment programs that will accept this insurance carrier.

Talk to your Tufts insurance representative or a Spring Hill representative to see how your coverage would work with this rehab facility.

Does Tufts Cover Inpatient Rehab Programs?

Inpatient rehab provides around-the-clock care while you stay on-site at a treatment facility. This residential treatment program benefits those who need more intensive treatment and those who would thrive by being away from their normal environment.

Health insurance often covers some or all of the cost of inpatient drug rehab. Your Tufts plan may provide inpatient treatment coverage, depending on your individual plan benefits.

Are Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs Covered By Tufts?

Medical detox centers provide a space to safely get past the withdrawal symptoms of an addictive substance while receiving support from medical professionals. This helps people remove themselves from the substance while staying in a sober, supportive environment.

Detoxification programs often provide medication to ease the withdrawal process and make it safer. Your Tufts plan may cover some or all of the cost of drug and alcohol detox treatment.

Does Tufts Cover Outpatient Programs?

Outpatient rehab programs offer a more flexible treatment option that could be beneficial to those who can’t leave their responsibilities, such as caregiving and work.

You could participate in outpatient rehab sessions to fit your schedule. Your Tufts plan may cover at least a portion of your outpatient services, though prior authorization may be required for coverage.

Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Covered Through Tufts Insurance?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) provide intensive treatment in a hospital or rehab center setting. They often provide a combination of medication, therapy, case management, and counseling.

This type of treatment program is more intensive than outpatient treatment, but gives an alternative to an inpatient program. Your Tufts health insurance plan may provide partial or full coverage for PHP treatment, depending on the individual plan and its benefits.

Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Covered By Tufts?

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) give the flexibility of an outpatient treatment model while they provide intensive treatment that is comparable to a residential rehab program.

These programs give more comprehensive treatment than other outpatient programs. Your Tufts insurance plan may provide coverage for an IOP program, but check your plan benefits for specific information.

Does Tufts Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment Programs?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) includes a combination of medication and behavioral therapy to treat all aspects of addiction at once.

This treatment method is often used for opioid or alcohol addiction, although it could be used for another substance use disorder instead. Check your Tufts plan benefits to see if it will provide coverage for a MAT program.

Does Tufts Cover The Costs Of Methadone?

Methadone may be used in medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders, along with therapy or other behavioral health treatments.

It is used within a medically supervised program and can help with withdrawal symptoms from quitting use of opioids. Depending on your Tufts health insurance plan, you may have partial or full coverage for a methadone maintenance therapy program.

Will Massachusetts Tufts Insurance Cover Suboxone Therapy?

Tufts may cover the cost of Suboxone within a medication-assisted treatment program. This medication includes both buprenorphine and naloxone to treat the effects of opioid addiction.

Suboxone therapy can be part of a treatment program that combines its use with counseling and other behavioral health treatments. Coverage for this treatment may be included under your Tufts pharmacy benefits.

Does Tufts Cover The Cost Of Sober Living?

You can enter a sober living home as part of your long-term recovery treatment plan. Often, people enter this type of rehab center after completing inpatient treatment or other intensive treatment programs.

Sober housing provides a drug-free environment to continue with recovery before going back to normal life. Your Tufts insurance plan may help you with some of the cost of care of a transitional living situation, depending on the type of care and your plan.

Does Tufts Cover Aftercare Services?

Many drug and alcohol treatment facilities provide an aftercare component that gives ongoing support after you have completed a rehab program.

Continued care can help you stick with sober living and reduce the risk of relapse. Your Tufts insurance plan may help with associated costs of aftercare if there are any, depending on the aftercare program and your plan benefits.

Verifying Your Tufts Insurance For Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment gives professional support and tools to end the downward spiral of alcohol and drug addiction and its related consequences.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the cost of rehab treatment, but health insurance coverage may help. If you or your loved one would benefit from addiction treatment, Spring Hill Recovery Center can verify your insurance plan, review treatment programs with you, and give you an initial drug and alcohol assessment.

Spring Hill is an inpatient treatment facility in Ashby, Massachusetts, that provides evidence-based addiction treatment including treatment for alcohol, opioids, cocaine, and more.

Get in touch with us today, and one of our treatment specialists can help you find the right treatment program for you or a family member.

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