National Prevention Week 2023 | A New Approach

National Prevention Week (NPW) 2023 will happen worldwide from May 7 to May 13, 2023. The theme of National Prevention Week 2023 is “A New Approach,” which is different from previous years.

A New Approach To National Prevention Week In 2023

Community leaders and human services organizations can choose their own prevention-related themes to use during National Prevention Week 2023.

Themes for NPW 2023 events in your area may include underage drinking prevention, overdose prevention, and spotlighting local treatment providers.

Previous years asked community leaders and prevention programs to follow different prevention-related activities every day.

The new approach to National Prevention Week can let community leaders launch and discuss prevention resources based on their community’s own needs.

Core NPW 2023 Themes

The goal of National Prevention Week is to promote a drug-free world and positive mental health. Communities can raise public awareness on substance misuse, launch new prevention strategies, and promote prevention programs in their area to achieve these goals.

In January 2023, SAMHSA rebranded their NPW property to prepare for National Prevention Week this May. The new logo design highlights the three main aspects of substance misuse prevention: community involvement, resource sharing, and partnership engagement.

Prevention programs can make partnerships with healthcare providers, caregivers, government officials, and addiction specialists to increase awareness and strengthen the local behavioral health network.

Sample NPW 2023 Themes In Your Community

During National Prevention Week 2023, you may see public health organizations near you present the following prevention themes:

  • prevention methods for opioid, tobacco, or illicit drug use
  • prevention strategies for underage drinking
  • overdose prevention and recognition
  • suicide prevention resources, statistics, and information
  • prevention providers in your area
  • spotlighting successful prevention stories

Different communities can struggle with different forms of substance abuse and mental health problems. Prevention strategies may vary depending on the rates of substance abuse and treatment programs in your community.

Substance Use Prevention Events & Resources Near You

In previous years, successful community events during National Prevention Week have included health fairs, community walk events, and art or food fairs. Each event may include one or more prevention themes at your community leaders’ discretion.

These events are hosted with help from the National Prevention Week Toolkit on the SAMHSA website. Prevention organizations in your area may be planning and promoting events on social media to prepare for National Prevention Week this coming May.

National Prevention Week officially ends on May 13th. However, substance abuse prevention, education, and treatment is a year-round effort.

If you or someone you love in Massachusetts are struggling with substance misuse, contact Spring Hill Recovery Center today.

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