Augusta, ME Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol rehab centers near Augusta, Maine, are focused on helping individuals overcome the challenges of addiction with inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and other treatment options. Reaching out to a rehab program for support can help you or a loved one in overcoming an addiction.

Augusta, Maine, is the capital of the state and is also home to many people with substance use disorders. By 2011, over 250,099 people were admitted to substance abuse treatment programs throughout the state of Maine.

Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse helps individuals stop the use of substances and learn to manage their addiction, which leads to lasting recovery.

Augusta, Maine Drug And Alcohol Abuse

The opioid crisis has spread heavily in Augusta. In 2019, 277 people lost their lives to overdoses within the first nine months of the year.

In Augusta, there are drug and alcohol treatment programs available. These programs offer inpatient rehab, outpatient programs, intensive outpatient treatment, sober living, and other treatment programs. Rehab programs are aimed at helping people in the community overcome the challenge of addiction and live a sober lifestyle.

Augusta Drug And Alcohol Treatment

The state of Maine has taken the opioid crisis seriously, and it also focuses on addressing substance abuse of all kinds through community outreach programs, educational systems, and treatment programs.

Some of the programs available today in the state include:

  • Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey
  • Maine Behavioral Healthcare
  • The Community Epidemiology Surveillance Network and State Epidemiological Outcomes WorkGroup
  • Treatment Data System
  • Maine SEOW Dashboard
  • Treatment Team
  • MaineCare, which is a type of medical insurance that covers low-income individuals. It does cover substance abuse treatment programs

These and other programs are available in the state to help people overcome challenging addictions and reintegrate into society.

Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab program isn’t always easy. However, there are some specific things that you can look for when you want to find a treatment program for yourself or a loved one.

Some of the treatment components you may want to look into are:

  • the availability of customized treatment plans, such as gender-specific treatments, medication-assisted treatment programs, or other options
  • programs that have extended care, such as long-term treatment or sober living options, as well as aftercare
  • support for relapse and assistance with relapse prevention
  • programs with treatments that have been proven to have a high success rate among those with substance use disorders

All alcohol and drug treatment programs have their own amenities and benefits, which can go a long way toward helping you achieve long-term recovery.

Rehab Centers Near Augusta, Maine

The alcohol and drug rehab centers near Augusta are there to help you, whether you have co-occurring disorders or need support with drug or alcohol addiction. These programs vary, so it’s important to talk to the addiction treatment centers about exactly which rehab programs they offer.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Drug and alcohol detox centers are either inpatient or outpatient programs, depending on the specific substance a person needs to detox from, as well as the detoxification treatment plan The goal of detox facilities is to minimize the pain or symptoms that come with withdrawal. One way they achieve this is through use of medications, such as buprenorphine, Suboxone, or methadone.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

After detox, patients may move on to inpatient treatment. Residential treatment facilities offer 24-hour care, all room and board, activities, therapy, and so much more for patients. Mental health care and dual diagnosis care is often offered as well, since many who face alcohol and drug abuse also have a mental health disorder.

Patients live at the treatment facility at all times until the inpatient program is complete. Programs generally last between 30 and 90 days, but may last longer if needed.

Outpatient Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

For those who cannot commit to an inpatient rehab program but who have strong support systems at home, outpatient treatment may be an excellent choice. Outpatient programs meet for a few hours at a time, several days a week.

There are many outpatient services and these will vary by the addiction center which offers them. Some options include intensive outpatient programs (IOP), partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and individual and group therapy sessions.

Sober Living Recovery Programs

Once you are able to graduate from treatment, then you’ll have the option of returning home and starting fresh or moving on to a sober living home or transitional community. Many people choose to go through sober housing when they integrate back into society, because others like themselves are also living there. Everyone is sober, which makes it easier to refrain from alcohol and drug use.

Aftercare Treatment Options

Many people benefit from aftercare and continuing care. Some aftercare recovery programs may include attending 12-step programs, going to weekly therapy sessions, meeting with doctors regularly for checkups, or working with an advisor or sponsor.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Augusta, Maine

At Spring Hill Recovery Center, we’re based near Augusta and would like to help you overcome the challenges of alcohol or drug addiction. We believe that all people have the power to break the cycle of addiction if they have the right support.

We’d be happy to talk to you about the different options for treatment that we offer, and we can get you set up with an addiction treatment program that will help you achieve sobriety. Alcohol and drug treatment is available now, so you can get the specific addiction treatment you need. Contact our helpline to learn more.

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