Braintree, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

There are a number of addiction treatment centers near Braintree, Massachusetts. Individuals struggling with substance use disorders can find detox, inpatient treatment, and a variety of other treatment programs. The first step in getting help with addiction is learning about the treatment options near you.

Addiction is a chronic medical condition that often requires treatment to overcome. There were 191 million prescriptions for opioids in 2017 alone which contributed to the drug abuse struggle in the United States.

Individuals with substance use disorders can face serious health consequences if they don’t get the medical care they need.

Many people choose intensive inpatient treatment programs to help them manage drug or alcohol addiction. These rehab programs can offer people a strong start to their recovery.

Massachusetts is home to many drug and alcohol rehab programs, including treatment centers located near Braintree.

Braintree, Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Abuse

In 2014, Braintree saw up to 271 individuals discharged from hospitals due to addiction-related admissions. The Braintree community has seen some of the toughest outcomes for opioid use disorders in the state of Massachusetts.

Braintree is near a number of drug rehab centers, including outpatient treatment and residential treatment centers. This is part of a statewide effort to curb the opiate crisis in Braintree and the state at large.

This also includes Massachusetts’ State Without StigMA program that aims to better educate the public about the realities of drug and alcohol abuse.

Braintree Drug And Alcohol Treatment

There are a number of different alcohol and drug treatment centers in the Braintree area.

These programs provide different types of treatment in order to best create individualized treatment plans for people recovering from substance abuse. These treatment centers are bolstered by the State Without StigMA effort.

State Without StigMa is a statewide program that helps people understand that addiction is a chronic medical condition. The hope is to eliminate the stigma around getting treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. Braintree has joined the rest of the state in its efforts to curb addiction.

Choosing A Drug Rehab Center

In order to choose the best drug and alcohol rehab program in Braintree, you should know these key factors that make an addiction treatment program highly effective:

  • individualized treatment approach: this includes a variety of therapies and treatments, medication-assisted treatment for those who need it, and 24-hour care
  • aftercare programs: managing alcohol or drug addiction includes relapse prevention planning, alumni support group programs, and family involvement level
  • detox programs: detoxification may be necessary at the start of treatment
  • dual diagnosis treatment: many people need both addiction treatment and care for a co-occurring mental health disorder
  • accreditation: make sure to get treatment from certified and credentialed professionals with experience in treating your type of addiction that use evidence-based treatment

Rehab Centers Near Braintree, Massachusetts

Addiction treatment centers offer different types of treatments. Each person will respond differently to treatment programs depending on their case and the specific details of their life. Here are the most common addiction treatment programs near Braintree.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

Detox is a medical process wherein the addictive substances are removed from the body. Depending on the substances involved, this can be assisted with the use of medications, such as methadone. Alcohol and drug detox is often medically supervised to ensure the safety of the patient and the success of the recovery program.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient treatment programs allow people in recovery to remain in the treatment facility while they are being cared for. Intensive inpatient programs can also provide a greater level of care and support for people with more serious cases of substance use disorders.

Each inpatient drug rehab program, also called residential treatment, offers an array of treatment services for a well-rounded approach. Some of these treatment methods could include behavioral therapy, counseling, group therapy, mental health treatment, and more.

Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol And Drug Abuse

Outpatient treatment programs allow individuals struggling with addiction to return home or leave for work during their treatment. Treatment sessions in outpatient programs are often shorter and held either before or after work hours.

Sober Living Options

Sober living centers provide a comprehensive level of support. These feature a supportive environment of peers that can help a loved one recover. These rehab programs also help people to build sober social circles.

Aftercare Programs

In order to make sure addiction treatment is a success, it needs to be ongoing. Aftercare programs provide support and assistance to help people who have completed a recovery program stay sober for years to come.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Braintree, Massachusetts

Addiction treatment is vital to both stopping the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts as well as ensuring the health and safety of our loved ones. Massachusetts residents will be happy to know that their state offers plenty of treatment programs.

Spring Hill Recovery Center offers substance abuse treatment for people in the state of Massachusetts as well as the city of Braintree. Spring Hill features accredited medical professionals, a variety of treatment programs, and aftercare support.

Contact our helpline today to learn more about the treatment programs offered at Spring Hill Recovery Center, for help with reviewing your health insurance for addiction rehab, or other treatment services.

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