Framingham, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Alcohol and drug treatment centers near Framingham, Massachusetts allow people who are struggling with a substance use disorder to find the help that they need. Individuals looking for treatment will find a range of addiction treatment options, including outpatient and residential facilities.

Framingham, Massachusetts Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction is a chronic condition that is characterized by compulsive drug-seeking behavior regardless of the harm it does to an individual. This is a medical condition that needs to be treated just like any other health concern.

When it comes to treatment, many individuals choose inpatient treatment or residential treatment plans. These programs provide comprehensive addiction treatment that can help people get a firm footing for their ongoing recovery.

Massachusetts offers many different rehab centers including drug rehab centers near Framingham and the surrounding areas.

Framingham, Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Abuse

The Framingham community faces serious concerns when it comes to substance use disorders. The state of Massachusetts has been hard hit by the ongoing opioid crisis. This poses a serious health concern for the community.

In 2019, there were over 21,000 opioid-related incidents in Massachusetts alone. The city of Framingham had over 1,200 cases of individuals being admitted for addiction treatment in 2017. The three most common drugs involved in these cases were alcohol, heroin, and cocaine.

Substance abuse issues can lead to a number of consequences, including vast effects on physical and mental health. Getting treatment for addiction is a vital part of rebuilding health.

Framingham Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Framingham has adopted the State Without StigMA plan that Massachusetts is becoming nationally recognized for. This plan focuses on treatment and reducing stigma for this medical condition.
To help work towards this ambitious goal, alcohol and drug treatment plans center this focus on individuals and respecting their need for medical care.

Framingham also participates in the robust addiction research being conducted by the state of Massachusetts.

The city of Framingham is located near treatment centers that provide outpatient treatment, detox, and other services necessary to help people enter addiction recovery.

Choosing A High-Quality Drug Rehab Center

It can be a struggle to find the right treatment center. When looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Framingham, keep certain important characteristics in mind.

These can include:

  • customized care: drug and alcohol rehab treatment is at its best when it is customized to an individual’s needs.
  • evidence-based treatment: drug rehab facilities that use scientific treatments have the best results and use the latest science to help people recover.
  • aftercare programs: aftercare programs help people in recovery develop strength and continue to build up their sobriety.

Rehab Centers Near Framingham, Massachusetts

Addiction treatment centers near Framingham offer a variety of approaches to helping people recover from substance abuse.

Each type of program has its strengths. The right program is the one that matches the individual needs of the person struggling with addiction.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Detox is a vital first step for many people who have a chemical dependency and are just starting their recovery. This process removes all of the addictive substances from a person’s body. Detoxification centers help supervise this process and can also provide medical care in cases where withdrawal symptoms are severe.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Inpatient treatment programs allow individuals to get the treatment that they need in a 24-hour setting that is well-supervised.

Inpatient rehab centers near Framingham offer therapies that help recovering individuals with the medical, psychological, and social aspects of recovery.

Outpatient Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

The outpatient treatment programs near Framingham allow individuals suffering from addiction to get the treatment that they need while still being able to keep up with their home or work lives.

Outpatient services can be a solid choice for people further on in their recoveries as well as people who need to keep up their careers and families.

Sober Living Options

The residential treatment facilities near Framingham help people recovering from addiction with not only therapies, but also offer access to and connections with supportive social environments that foster healing.

Oftentimes, when individuals are recovering from addiction they can benefit from being in a residential, sober living setting with peers who are also working towards the same goal.

Aftercare Treatment Options

Aftercare is a vital part of recovery. Addiction treatment centers near Framingham offer aftercare programs to help people maintain and build their sobriety even after they have left their treatment programs.

This includes alumni programs as well as helping people to build sober social networks.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Framingham, Massachusetts

Addiction can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but help is here. Getting treatment for a substance use disorder is the first step to rebuilding mental and physical health.

Framingham, Massachusetts is a short drive away from the Spring Hill Recovery center in Ashby. Our drug rehab center offers a restful environment where individuals can get help with alcohol and drug addiction.

An accredited rehab center, we provide outpatient as well as residential rehab programs for people in Framingham and the rest of Massachusetts.

It’s time to take the next step on your journey to recovery. Contact our friendly staff at Spring Hill Recovery today for more information.

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Published on: September 1, 2020

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