Franklin, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol addiction centers near Franklin, Massachusetts, offer treatment options for those struggling with addiction. Some options may include inpatient treatment, outpatient services, and residential programs.

Franklin is a city in Massachusetts that has been negatively affected by the opioid crisis. In 2019, there were 31 overdoses and nine uses of Narcan by police officers, according to the Franklin Police Department.

Addiction to opioids is not the only issue in the city. That’s why anyone struggling with an addiction should consider seeking support through a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers near Franklin are there to provide a wide-ranging support system of treatments for people from various backgrounds.

Franklin, Massachusetts Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Opioid abuse is among the most serious drug addiction problems reported in Franklin. While 31 people overdosed from opioids in 2019 alone, this was a drop from 2018, when 41 people overdosed, so there has been a reduction in overdoses and deaths in the city.

The median age of overdose victims in Franklin is only 41 years old.

Commonly abused substances in Massachusetts include:

Other substances are also abused, like fentanyl and alcohol, as well.

Franklin Drug And Alcohol Treatment

To combat the deadly issues that the state and its residents face as a result of substance abuse, Massachusetts completes an annual Prevention Needs Assessment Survey.

Prevention efforts in Franklin include:

  • using the Prevention Needs Assessment Survey to identify specific issues in the community
  • creating strategic programs for education that target the groups who struggle with substance abuse

Statewide, other options are available, such as:

  • prevention services
  • prevention programs
  • support through the Regional Centers for Healthy Communities
  • residential treatment under 30 days
  • acute treatment services
  • transitional Support Services
  • Tewksbury stabilization program

Choosing A Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Finding the correct Franklin drug treatment center for you is possible, but you need to consider how to find the right rehab program for your needs.

Some features to consider are:

  • seeking a customized treatment program that personalizes treatment to meet your specific needs
  • finding a treatment center that offers transitional and continuing care following your graduation from the primary program
  • if the rehab facility offers evidence-based treatment, which uses scientifically proven methods to treat addiction
  • which kind of substance addiction the treatment facility specializes in
  • if the addiction treatment center offers relapse prevention services

Rehab Centers Near Franklin, Massachusetts

Not every type of alcohol and drug rehab center is the same. The treatment plans they offer may vary from one another, so it’s important to talk to the facility about your individual needs.

The type of addiction treatment program you or a loved one will need may depend upon your current level of sobriety and other factors. You may opt for inpatient drug rehab, outpatient treatment, or other program options to help with your recovery.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Drug and alcohol detox centers are designed to help those with a chemical dependency get off dangerous drugs or alcohol use safely. You may be offered both medical and behavioral health support to do so.

The withdrawal process can be painful and uncomfortable, so medications such as buprenorphine or methadone may also be part of detox for you.

After detoxification, the rehab facility may also offer transitional services into residential drug rehab, inpatient treatment, or outpatient programs.

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient rehab programs require patients to stay at the recovery center 24 hours a day. They are provided with around-the-clock care and support as they go through recovery. Inpatient drug rehab may be short-term or long-term, depending on patient needs.

Inpatient treatment programs (also called residential treatment) may use the following treatments, as well as others to help you achieve addiction recovery:

Outpatient Treatment For Addiction

With outpatient treatment, the kinds of treatment programs will vary by the addiction center.

Some options may include:

The important thing to note is that these programs may vary in intensity and the amount of time you have to spend there. They’re usually good programs for people who work or have other responsibilities.

Sober Living Homes

If you don’t have a supportive home environment, moving into sober living facilities or transitional facilities may be an option.

With transitional care, you’ll learn ways to cope with a normal routine while still having support in place following the end of an intensive outpatient, residential, or inpatient program for a substance use disorder.

Aftercare Recovery Programs

In Franklin, there may be continuing care and aftercare programs available for those who have graduated from inpatient treatment. At Spring Hill Recovery Center, we would be happy to talk to you about counseling, sober living facilities, support groups, and other aftercare options.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Franklin, Massachusetts

When you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and need alcohol and drug treatment, it may be time to talk to a rehabilitation facility near you.

At Spring Hill Recovery Center in nearby Ashby, we focus on taking away the shame and frustration that comes with addiction.

We want to help build you up, encouraging you to learn new ways to handle alcohol and drug abuse in order to manage long-term recovery.

Our treatment center is centrally located, serving residents from Massachusetts, as well as other New England states, including Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and others.

Why Choose Spring Hill?

Spring Hill’s alcohol and drug treatment center offers a range of treatment options, from inpatient programs to outpatient drug rehab, access to detox, and more.

We are located just over an hour from Franklin by car in a natural setting that offers our clients seclusion and peace of mind often needed to begin addiction recovery.

Our admissions specialists can help you or your family member arrange for travel to our treatment facility. We are located not far from a number of areas close to Franklin as well.

Spring Hill Recovery Center is within driving distance of the following nearby Massachusetts cities:

  • Arbour — less than 1.5 hours by car
  • Woonsocket — just over an hour by car
  • Attleboro — less than 1.5 hours by car
  • Foxboro — just over an hour by car
  • Framingham — one hour by car
  • Norcap — just over one hour by car

They can also verify your health insurance for addiction treatment, go over the details of your insurance plan benefits for you, and provide other services to ease the transition of entering a rehab program.

Our helpful addiction specialists are standing by to take your call. Contact our helpline now for more information.

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