Newton, MA Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Finding drug and alcohol rehab centers near Newton, Massachusetts is more important than ever with the ongoing opioid epidemic. Alcohol and drug treatment for Newton residents can be found close to home at a number of substance abuse treatment centers.

Newton, Massachusetts Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol abuse can be defined as the habitual taking of addictive or illegal substances. With time, this habit can lead to addiction, which can invade a person’s life and affect their health, family, finances, and more. Overall, you or your loved one’s life can be negatively affected by a substance use disorder.

It is important to find alcohol and/or drug treatment as soon as you realize there’s a problem. You may be looking for drug rehab or alcohol treatment for a loved one. Getting the crucial help that is needed is imperative to addiction recovery.

Massachusetts has many rehab centers to help you or a loved one. Treatment options range from self-help groups and programs to inpatient treatment.

There is a wealth of programming in and around Newton, Massachusetts. What works for each individual varies greatly, but getting started is the only way to recover successfully.

Newton, Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Abuse

The Bureau of Substance Abuse Services reports that during fiscal year 2017:

  • 250 individuals were enrolled in either alcohol or substance abuse treatment programs in Newton, Massachusetts.
  • In 2017, well over 50 percent of the individuals who received alcohol and/or substance abuse treatment there reported that they had used heroin or another opioid during the previous year.
  • 61 percent reported that they had used alcohol in the last year.

Newton Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Massachusetts is trying to combat the overwhelming alcohol and drug abuse that is prevalent throughout the state. Toward that end, the official city website offers opioid prevention awareness efforts and the Newton PATH.

The PATH approach aims to educate the public through a multi-disciplinary working group of public health and safety officials who are committed to prevailing against:

  • the opioid crisis
  • substance use disorders
  • alcohol abuse
  • abuse of other substances

Additionally, there are well-appointed drug rehab programs for residents of Massachusetts. These include intensive outpatient and inpatient programming.

Choosing A Drug Rehab Center

If you’re looking for an excellent rehab center in Newton, Massachusetts, or nearby, it’s necessary to review a checklist of important qualities any effective rehab program should have.

Here’s a short list of components that help establish a quality rehab center:

  • A continuum of care to help addicted individuals stay the path of recovery
  • A treatment approach that is tailored to your needs
  • Evidence-based treatment, which provides research-based care
  • A multitude of different therapies and treatments available
  • Detoxification and/or Inpatient Treatment, as these are some of the most intensive and effective rehab programs available
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Experience in treating your type of addiction
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Availability of aftercare programming
  • Credentialed staff
  • Availability of alumni support
  • Family involvement

Rehab Centers Near Newton, Massachusetts

In addition to searching for particular qualities in a rehab center, it’s equally as important to look for rehab programs that provide the type of care you need. The following are common rehab programs you may find in rehab centers near Newton, Massachusetts and the type of care they offer

Alcohol And Drug Detox Centers

Detoxification involves the physical process of stopping the abuse of alcohol or substances. The alcohol and drug detox process should be supervised by medical professionals to ensure you are safe.

Massachusetts Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient rehab programs have group therapy along with individual therapy and programming to assist you or your loved one with learning more about your drug and/or alcohol abuse.

Therapy and support group sessions will focus on topics such as the triggers and course of your drug and/or alcohol involvement. Residential treatment will teach you better coping mechanisms to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Outpatient Treatment For Addiction

You and your intake counselor may decide that outpatient treatment is the best option. This includes many of the same components of inpatient drug rehab, however, it is done while you are residing in sober housing or at home.

Sober Living And Transitional Facilities

These types of treatment facilities help people who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction while they are in treatment. You may enter these programs while you are receiving outpatient treatment. Transitional housing may be useful when you are leaving inpatient treatment and transitioning back into the community.

Aftercare Programs

Once treatment is completed it is important to maintain some form of continuing care program to help keep you sober. This programming includes: self-help support groups and the continuation of group and/or individual programming to assist with your sobriety.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Newton, Massachusetts

If you’re ready to begin your recovery from drug or alcohol abuse we can help you today at Spring Hill Recovery Center. Our Massachusetts drug rehab center is located in Ashby, Massachusetts which is roughly one hour or 50 miles away from Newton, Massachusetts.

At Spring Hill, we understand that every case is different and we treat you as an individual with a customized treatment plan designed for your needs. We also offer a number of treatment programs to better help as many individuals find recovery as possible. These include residential drug rehab, intensive outpatient treatment, and more.

Finding great alcohol and drug treatment is key to successfully recovering from this deadly disease. Addiction is serious and we want you to get the help that you need.

That’s why we are glad to offer comprehensive and effective quality treatment for a Newton drug rehab option. Find out more about our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs by calling Spring Hill Recovery Center today.

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