Quincy, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Alcohol and drug treatment centers near Quincy, Massachusetts provide a variety of inpatient treatment, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment services for those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Roughly 22 million people across the United States struggle with substance abuse. Substance abuse describes when the consumption of behavior- or mind-altering substances, such as drugs or alcohol, causes negative health or behavioral outcomes for an individual.

Treatment through a drug and alcohol rehab center has been proven as one of the most effective strategies for addressing substance abuse and/or addiction.

Massachusetts offers a large number of drug and alcohol rehab centers, providing a variety of inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and other treatment options. Some of those treatment centers can be found in the Quincy area.

Quincy, Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Abuse Rates

The state of Massachusetts has been seriously affected by the opioid epidemic, and drug and alcohol abuse remains a major issue facing the city of Quincy, Massachusetts. During 2017 alone, 1,705 people were admitted into Quincy drug rehab and treatment centers.

Addiction to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other opioids remain the primary substance abuse trends in the city of Quincy. Abuse of these substances and others can lead to skipping school, unemployment, homelessness, failed relationships, and a number of other negative effects.

Quincy Drug And Alcohol Treatment

The city of Quincy, Mass., has been working to fight drug and alcohol abuse in the city for years. The Substance Abuse Task Force was created by Mayor Koch in the spring of 2008. The task force continues to provide substance abuse treatment information and a variety of events to inform the public of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Quincy addiction treatment centers offer a variety of services for recovering individuals throughout the area. These programs range from detox and 24-hour inpatient drug rehab and residential treatment to partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient services.

Choosing A Rehab Center

Choosing the best Quincy drug rehab center for your or your loved one’s needs can be intimidating.

Consider choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center that offers the following:

  • Customized approach to treatment: An effective addiction treatment center will individualize your care to suit your specific addiction and needs.
  • Available detox programs: Detoxification is one of the first and most important steps of the addiction treatment process.
  • Treatment from certified professionals: An effective and professional treatment center will be equipped with credentialed professionals who use evidence-based treatments and relapse prevention tools.

Rehab Centers Near Quincy, Massachusetts

Alcohol and drug treatment centers in the Quincy area provide a range of treatment services. Many of these rehab centers offer different types of treatment, but some addiction treatment services remain the most common among Quincy drug rehab centers.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Centers

Detox is one of the first steps in combating drug or alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol detox centers in and near Quincy offer medical supervision and 24-hour services for those struggling with addiction. Detox centers may offer inpatient treatment, which can also be used to transfer recovering individuals into traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient and residential rehab programs follow the detox stage of rehabilitation. These programs feature 24-hour access to professional care as well as regular therapy sessions. The goal of an inpatient rehab program is to provide a safe and supportive environment with easy access to counselors, detox specialists, and physicians.

Outpatient Treatment For Addiction

Outpatient addiction treatment programs allow the recovering individual to receive treatment without being at the facility 24 hours a day. Outpatient rehab programs vary based on the individual needs of the patient but can include partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient treatment.

Sober Living And Transitional Facilities

Sober living and transitional facilities in Quincy and nearby areas offer housing for recovering individuals in need of a supportive, sober living environment. These rehab facilities are designed to help ease those who have been treated for substance abuse issues back into a traditional life routine.

Aftercare And Continuing Care

The process of recovery often begins with detox and extends through inpatient, residential, and outpatient programs. The final step of the process is continuing care, also known as aftercare.

Aftercare programs can be 12-step programs, support group networks, and a variety of other community-based resources. Aftercare may be continued for years or even decades following inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Quincy, Massachusetts

Battling addiction or another substance use disorder can be next to impossible without proper medical support and guidance. Spring Hill Recovery Center provides evidence-based addiction treatment services tailored to the individual needs of you or your loved one.

At Spring Hill, we offer:

  • access to detox
  • inpatient treatment
  • residential treatment
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • aftercare

All of these services are offered in our Ashby rehab center, just one-and-a-half hours from Quincy.

The professionals at our accredited Massachusetts rehab center are eager to help you or your loved one achieve a life in recovery. Contact us at SpringHillRecovery.com or by phone today.

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