Watertown, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol treatment programs are available for Watertown, Massachusetts residents. Treatment options may vary by location, but can include inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, detox programs, and other substance abuse treatments.

Drug and alcohol rehab programs provide evidence-based recovery options that make it easier for a person to manage drug abuse and begin their new life in recovery.

Watertown, Massachusetts is near a number of addiction treatment programs, such as inpatient drug rehab, day treatment, and medication-assisted treatment.

Watertown, Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Like the rest of Massachusetts, Watertown residents struggle with abuse of opioids. This is a substance abuse issue that Watertown and Greater central Massachusetts has been combating in many ways.

Increased education in the area’s schools has identified misunderstandings that many regions possess about drug and alcohol abuse issues, for example.

Police officials are also cracking down on dealing opiates and attempting to shift to a more treatment-based process for those who use them.

The idea is to avoid punishment and encourage drug detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and other treatment options. As a result, many rehab centers have opened near this city to provide care for those with substance use disorders.

Watertown, Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Watertown, Massachusetts, has a significant drug abuse problem that focuses heavily on opioids and alcohol. According to state-based addiction statistics, there are around 65,000 overdose deaths every year throughout the state of Massachusetts.

And this is just the reported deaths, as there is a much higher unreported level of substance abuse. Thankfully, nearly 81,000 people get addiction treatment in the state every year.

Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center

When deciding on drug and alcohol treatment in Watertown, Massachusetts, it helps to ensure your rehab facility possesses key characteristics known for effective recovery results.

Just a few of the most critical include:

  • continuum of care — Find a rehab center that provides all levels of care to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible for your individual needs.
  • detox programs — Drug rehab centers should provide detoxification paired with 24-hour care to ensure that you are as pain-free as possible during the withdrawal process.
  • diverse rehab program options — Always go to a rehab center where accredited care experts provide specialized treatment for your needs.

These are just a few of the elements to consider when looking for rehab centers near Watertown, Massachusetts. Make sure to work with a primary care doctor, treatment specialists, or other addiction specialists, as well, to get well-rounded recovery program options.

Rehab Centers Near Watertown, Massachusetts

Residential treatment, detox, and other types of addiction treatment are possible near Watertown, Massachusetts. There are many different alcohol and drug treatment programs from which you can choose, each of which has many care options that may work for your needs.

Alcohol And Drug Detox

Detox programs, including medication-assisted treatment, may be one of the first steps in the addiction treatment process.

MAT helps to slowly remove drugs from your body and manage your withdrawal pain. Just as importantly, drug and alcohol detox helps to decrease your dependency and prepare you for the other steps in your ultimate recovery plan.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient treatment is a powerful form of alcohol and drug treatment that places you under 24/7 medical surveillance.

In inpatient rehab centers, you get access to caring individuals, can interact with others who are also experiencing drug or alcohol addiction, and learn more about why you use drugs in detailed mental health treatment.

Depending on the residential treatment program, you may have access to dual diagnosis care for co-occurring mental health disorders, case management, a number of behavioral therapies, 12-step programs, and more.

Outpatient Treatment For Substance Abuse

Those who cannot commit to inpatient drug rehab may want to get outpatient treatment instead. Outpatient programs allow you to come to therapy throughout the week but go home when you are done. In this way, you can take care of your family, go to school, and work to keep your life in order.

Outpatient services vary in length and format. Some outpatient programs include day treatment, or partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and 12-step support groups.

Sober Living And Transitional Facilities

Many people need a calm and stable living environment just after finishing rehab. Thankfully, sober living facilities provide a drug-free environment where people can live, collect their thoughts, and prepare for their lives after finishing the first phase of substance abuse treatment.

Though not a permanent living option, sober housing does provide many benefits.

Aftercare Recovery Programs

Addiction treatment is a lifelong process that takes more than a simple visit to a rehab center. Many need aftercare and continuing care help—including relapse prevention training—to stay on track with recovery. Often, aftercare programs are useful for those who relapse and need to refocus their sobriety.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Watertown, Massachusetts

Drug rehab is a critical part of recovery for those with severe substance use disorders. Whether you need inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment near Watertown, Massachusetts, you have many different options from which to choose, including our addiction center in nearby Ashby.

Located just 47 miles from Watertown, Spring Hill Recovery Center provides a myriad of addiction treatment programs that can help you learn to manage addiction long-term.

If you or a loved one need drug and alcohol rehab, please call us today to learn more. Our experts are waiting to find the care option that is right for your unique addiction needs.

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