Rochester, NH And Drug Rehab Centers

People who have been searching for drug and alcohol rehab centers near Rochester, New Hampshire, are in luck. Addiction can feel insurmountable, but there are drug rehab programs that can provide people facing drug and alcohol abuse with the help they need to enter recovery.

How we understand substance use disorder has changed greatly over the last few years. Addiction treatment has evolved to address the patient’s needs and respects the fact that addiction is a medical condition that needs adequate care.

When people first start looking for alcohol and drug treatment, they often choose inpatient programs. These can offer the most intensive care which gives patients the help they need to recover.

New Hampshire and the Greater New England area are home to many addiction treatment programs that can help people stop alcohol and drug abuse.

Rochester, New Hampshire Drug And Alcohol Abuse

In 2019, there were up to 50 overdose-related deaths in Rochester. As the state of New Hampshire continues to struggle with the opioid crisis, cities like Rochester face their own substance abuse concerns.

Overdose deaths in the state have been dropping steadily since 2017. However, this is after the total number of deaths tripled between 2010 and 2016.

Given the seriousness of this concern, the Rochester community has come together to help face this public health crisis.

Rochester Drug And Alcohol Treatment

In order to face the opioid crisis, the state of New Hampshire and the city of Rochester have increased their efforts to provide people with the substance abuse treatment that they need.

New Hampshire has rolled out an impressive Narcan program that looks to both remove the stigma around this important emergency treatment as well as make sure that it is more available. This has saved hundreds of lives in the state since the program began.

There are addiction treatment centers near Rochester that provide community members with vital health services as well.

Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center

You should find a program that can treat your type of addiction. Alcohol and drug rehab programs should be accredited and offer you individualized care provided by certified professionals.

In the addiction treatment continuum of care, you should be provided with the opportunity to have 24-hour care and medication-assisted treatment if needed.

An addiction treatment center that is patient-focused will offer a variety of evidence-based treatments ranging from detox to medical and therapeutic care.

This could include relapse prevention efforts, which recognize that addiction is a chronic health condition that needs ongoing care, including aftercare programs and alumni support. Family involvement is also crucial, as your family can be both a vital source of recovery support and a part of your long-term recovery commitment.

Rehab Centers Near Rochester, New Hampshire

Each alcohol and drug treatment center will have a unique treatment approach. Addiction centers typically specialize in different types of substance abuse treatment and levels of care.

These are the most common types of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Detox is the core of many addiction treatment programs. In a drug and alcohol detox program, you will be supported by professional and medical staff while going through withdrawal. This can be one of the most challenging parts of recovery which makes this type of support vital.

Detoxification is often aided through use of prescription medications, such as Suboxone, buprenorphine, methadone, or others. These prescription drugs help to ease the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, making the withdrawal process more manageable.

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient treatment is a popular type of program due to the success it has with helping people to recover. In an inpatient drug rehab program, you’ll have 24-hour access to medical, therapeutic, and professional recovery staff.

These residential treatment programs typically also have peer support groups and a variety of treatments included, such as mental health treatment, dual diagnosis care, access to detox, and more. Having a wide variety of treatments helps give a person a better chance at getting the most out of their residential program.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

An outpatient treatment program allows you to leave the treatment center once your day’s care is completed. This can help people balance their lives in the case of demanding careers, family obligations, or other concerns. An outpatient program can still offer a wide range of treatment services.

A few outpatient services include standard treatments, such as individual or group therapy sessions, as well as partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs.

Sober Living Recovery Programs

At a sober living home, you’ll be housed in a group of your peers. This will allow you to recover in a community that understands what you are going through. A sober living home can help you to build up a support network of your peers that can encourage lifelong friendships.

Aftercare Programs

When it comes to drug rehab, aftercare is one of the most important things to look for. Many drug and alcohol rehab programs include a level of relapse prevention planning to help make sure that you stay sober for years to come.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Rochester, New Hampshire

Getting the help that you need for addiction is one of the best decisions you can make. By starting the treatment selection process, you’re already taking the first step to recovery.

Spring Hill Recovery Center offers the Rochester community the addiction recovery support services that they need. You can find professional staff in our accredited rehab facility that can help treat your specific type of addiction.

Our treatment facility features a variety of programs designed to help you recover. We are located in Ashby, Massachusetts, less than two hours from Rochester by car.

If you or a loved one are ready to find the help you need for substance use, get in touch with Spring Hill Recovery Center today to find out more about our recovery programs.

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