Edison, NJ Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Substance use disorder can be difficult to treat, but Edison, New Jersey residents can find hope for recovery in alcohol and drug treatment programs. A few treatment options for New Jersey residents with addiction issues include inpatient treatment, detoxification programs, and other treatment services.

People in the state of New Jersey face high rates of drug and alcohol abuse, especially abuse of opiates, like heroin or prescription medications. Yet there is hope and help for those with substance use disorders, and for those seeking addiction treatment.

For the residents of Edison and those in the surrounding area who are hurting and need the help of a good drug and alcohol treatment center, help is available at drug and alcohol rehab centers in the Greater New England area.

Edison, New Jersey Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Over a span of five years (2014-2018) the New Jersey Department of Health reported that the number of overdose deaths in the state more than doubled.

The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in the state of New Jersey also cited in a 2018 report that there were more than 5,900 admissions into behavioral health treatment centers in Middlesex County. While that is promising news, the truth is there are many more who need help for drug and alcohol abuse.

Edison Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Initiatives such as the Edison Township Municipal Alliance Committee have been developed to help people with substance use disorders. Their Substance Abuse Resource Center, a grass-roots volunteer organization, is only one evidence of these efforts.

In addition to finding quality alcohol and drug rehab centers for substance use disorders, it is also important to find the right help. That means finding treatment for the type of disorder that needs to be treated.

These are the addictions most commonly treated at drug rehabs:

  • alcohol
  • heroin
  • barbiturates
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamine (meth)
  • hallucinogens

Finding substance abuse treatment at a recovery center is one of the surest ways to help those with alcohol or drug abuse issues learn to manage addictive behaviors and enter long-term recovery.

Selecting An Addiction Treatment Center

There are residential treatment centers, outpatient programs, detox programs, and more. The process of choosing a drug rehab center will include several considerations.

When making the important decision of choosing a drug or alcohol treatment center, there are some key factors to consider.

Many good addiction treatment centers will have some of the following traits in common:

  • individualized treatment plans: each individual has their own battle with drug or alcohol addiction and personalized treatment plans address recovery on a personal level.
  • accreditation: doctors, licensed staff, trained therapists, and accreditations are necessary for high-quality drug rehab facilities.
  • detox programs available: while some people won’t need a medically supervised detox program, many will. Detoxification programs offer 24/7 supervision in addition to professional medical care and support.
  • sober living options: many good drug rehab programs offer transitional housing or sober living options, which provides a recovery-first environment for those who are in the earliest stages of addiction recovery.
  • aftercare programs: aftercare planning is typically part of a continuum of care recovery program, and these can often double as part of a relapse prevention plan.

Rehab Centers Near Edison, New Jersey

Just like there are various recovery treatment options, different types of therapies, and other tools to help those in recovery, there are also different types of rehab centers. Understanding the types of recovery options and centers will help when choosing a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Centers

When you have concerns about the detox process, it’s important to seek the help of an alcohol or drug rehab center. These rehab facilities are staffed with around-the-clock care and help in the event of a medical emergency.

Medications, such as methadone, buprenorphine, or Suboxone, may be offered during drug and alcohol detox to ease pain and discomfort. After completing the detox program, you are typically ready to move on to either residential treatment or day treatment.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Inpatient treatment centers offer residential treatment programs that will typically include intensive treatment options. Inpatient programs are often used for those suffering from acute symptoms of alcohol or drug abuse.

Residential rehab often designs a treatment plan that fits a person’s individual needs, so treatment programs vary by the person and the rehab center they attend.

Some treatment methods may include:

  • mental health treatment
  • dual diagnosis programs
  • behavioral therapy
  • group therapy
  • case management
  • other treatment services

Outpatient Treatment For Addiction

Outpatient treatment programs enable those seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction to continue seeking recovery while working or maintaining other obligations and responsibilities. Outpatient drug rehab programs offer many of the same treatments as inpatient rehab programs on a less intensive basis.

Format and length of outpatient programs will vary by the treatment facility but may include intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, or other outpatient services.

Sober Living Homes

People who are on the road to long-term recovery will begin the journey either at a detox center, inpatient treatment facility, or with the help of an outpatient treatment program.

Those who are in the latter stages of the recovery process and during the earliest stages of sobriety can use the help of a sober living home or transitional housing facility to integrate back into a sober lifestyle and society.

Aftercare Treatment Programs

In some cases, aftercare recovery programs can involve the continued use of medication-assisted treatment, or regular group therapy meetings and counseling.

Aftercare and continuing care programs can also act more like a safety net and provide a recovery support network. This part of alcohol and drug treatment programs is vital to a full and healthy recovery.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Edison, New Jersey

Are you or a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder? There is help, there are answers, and recovery is possible. At Spring Hill Recovery Center, we offer alcohol and drug treatment programs for people all over New Jersey and the Greater New England area.

If you are ready to end the cycle of addiction, contact the Spring Hill addiction helpline today for more information on our substance abuse treatment programs and addiction services.

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