Oyster Bay, NY Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Oyster Bay, Long Island, and other cities in the state of New York struggle with high rates of drug and alcohol abuse, especially opioid use disorders. Treatment can be found at nearby drug rehab centers, helping addicted individuals make meaningful changes toward recovery.

If you’re noticing that your loved one is not taking an active interest in daily activities and is suffering from some other noticeable side effects of alcohol or drug abuse, you are not alone. New York as a whole struggles greatly with substance abuse, and residents in Oyster Bay, greater Long Island, and Nassau County are no exception.

Residents in Oyster Bay looking for addiction treatment can find it at nearby treatment centers, which offer a range of inpatient treatment, detox programs, and outpatient services to help them conquer alcohol and drug addiction.

Oyster Bay, New York Drug And Alcohol Abuse

According to the Nassau County District Attorney’s office, opioid overdoses declined dramatically in 2018. In 2018, 147 people in Nassau County passed away from overdose deaths involving opioids.

Two years prior, 195 people died from opioids. This decrease shows that though the opioid epidemic continues, the use of innovative programming has worked to decrease the loss of life.

Though this decrease is a reason for optimism, the abuse of opiates has not been effectively minimized. Between 2014 and 2017, the leading cause of death for ages 18 through 35 is drug overdose. Unfortunately, on Long Island, opioid overdose deaths are the most common.

Oyster Bay Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Nassau County and the state of New York as a whole have taken great efforts to reduce the amount of opioid abuse and other drug and alcohol abuse. In turn, these efforts work to decrease the amount of accident drug overdoses that occur in the state, prevent drug abuse, and help addicted individuals find care and resources.

Alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment efforts in Oyster Bay and greater New York in recent years include:

  • allowing non-medical persons to carry naloxone (Narcan), an opioid overdose reversal drug
  • developing a prescription registry to monitor prescriptions written and stop patients from getting multiple opioid prescriptions
  • enacting the Good Samaritan Law, which protects addicted individuals from getting a misdemeanor drug charge when calling for help in a drug-related medical emergency, such as overdose

Selecting A Drug Rehab Center

Making the decision to enter drug and alcohol rehab does not have to be a scary one. You are trying to get help. Staying in a drug addicted or alcohol-addicted state is a much more dangerous situation to be in. Making the first step is easier when you know what to look for.

There are certain factors you should consider when choosing a drug rehabilitation center.

Does your program offer:

  • A continuum of care to meet your treatment needs throughout recovery
  • Customized treatment tailored to your individual needs
  • Evidence-based treatment for the most proven effective care
  • Varied therapies and treatments to ensure you can access treatments that work for you
  • Medication-assisted treatment to help ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Experiencing in treating your particular type of addiction
  • Relapse prevention planning to figure out your triggers and how to manage them in recovery
  • Options for aftercare to help you succeed in long-term recovery
  • Facility accreditation, which shows high standards of care
  • Consistent alumni support for program graduations
  • Options for family involvement in treatment

Rehab Centers Near Oyster Bay, New York

Gaining working knowledge of the available treatment modalities is helpful in making the selection process less daunting. Here is a brief listing of the different alcohol and drug treatment programming you’ll find near Oyster Bay, New York.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Centers

Detoxification is often part of residential treatment. It is a help to you or your loved one to physically withdraw and begin the abstinence process.

Your body has been used to using drugs and or alcohol. Stopping use has effects on your body. Professionals versed in detoxification will help you with your particular substance and your medical needs during the process.

Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient treatment is a rehab program which allows you to live on campus at a drug or alcohol rehab center. This part of addiction treatment usually follows detox and you begin to learn how to maintain a sober lifestyle with the help of credentialed professionals and your peers.

Outpatient Treatment For Addiction

Following detoxification and inpatient drug rehab, you may move on to outpatient treatment. This is a critical part of alcohol and drug treatment, as it helps you stay on track with recovery once you return to life as usual.

You may have the option of working during this time as well. Outpatient treatment is part of the continuum of care, wherein you learn more skills to prepare for community living.

Sober Living In Transitional Facilities

Your team will help you find the best way to live in the community while being sober. In some cases, it may make sense to stay in a sober living home while regaining your independence in early recovery. Every individual case is different and you will work diligently to find the best situation to foster your sobriety.

AfterCare And Continuing Care

Once you have achieved this milestone and you are done with addiction treatment, aftercare is in place to help you maintain sobriety for the rest of your life.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Oyster Bay, New York

Spring Hill Recovery Center is a great option for those living in Oyster Bay, New York. It is a top-rated alcohol and drug rehab facility in nearby Ashby, Massachusetts with a myriad of treatment options for those in need.

While our rehab center is outside your home state of New York, we are only a few hours away and can help you find lasting recovery by providing a tranquil environment and some of the best treatments available to aid in your recovery. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today and begin the road to recovery.

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