Jericho, VT Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction treatment is available in rehab centers near Jericho, Vermont. Rehab programs come in different formats, such as inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, and can help people with alcohol or drug addictions conquer substance abuse issues.

Jericho, Vermont Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Jericho is a small and historic Vermont town located in Chittenden County. It’s known for its historic buildings, including the favorite Jericho Center Country Store. Jericho is home to just 5,000 residents, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to the harmful effects of substance abuse. Chittenden County, the state of Vermont, and the entire country have been fighting the opioid epidemic for years.

Residents of Jericho, Vermont are fortunate to live near a number of accredited alcohol and drug treatment centers where they can seek help for addiction recovery.

What To Look For In A Jericho Rehab Center

Once you or a loved one are ready for addiction treatment, you’ll need to find the alcohol and drug treatment center that’s best for you.

The following are a number of programs and treatment services offered by high-quality drug rehab facilities:

  • detoxification, medical detox
  • inpatient drug rehab
  • outpatient services, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • mental health services, dual diagnosis care
  • continuing care

Alcohol And Drug Detox

Drug and alcohol detox is essential to the recovery process. A quality detoxification center will provide 24-hour care to ensure your safety while undergoing withdrawal. Medical detox may also be offered, which includes the use of specific prescription medications to combat uncomfortable side effects.

Jericho Inpatient Rehab Programs

Jericho residents live near a variety of drug and alcohol rehab centers offering residential treatment programs. Inpatient treatment involves living on a rehab center campus 24/7 for a time. While enrolled in inpatient drug rehab, you’ll undergo a variety of therapies and treatments to help you heal from addiction.

Jericho Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment programs are known for being more flexible than inpatient treatment programs. However, outpatient services can include more intensive methods, such as intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and partial hospitalization programs (PHP).

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Many accredited drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT is typically used to help prevent relapse among individuals addicted to opioids. Common prescriptions used for medication-assisted treatment include buprenorphine, Suboxone, and methadone.

Learn About Addiction Treatment Options In Jericho, Vermont

Jericho residents can access an esteemed addiction treatment center nearby — Spring Hill Recovery Center. This accredited drug rehab center is located just three hours south of Jericho in the gorgeous woodlands of Ashby, Massachusetts.

Spring Hill Recovery Center’s addiction experts provide a variety of individualized treatment methods to start you on the path to recovery and keep you there for life.

Contact Spring Hill Recovery Center to find out more about addiction treatment options today.

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