Most Common Street Names For Cocaine

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug that has many street names. Recognizing these slang names can help to identify cocaine abuse in a loved one.

Cocaine is an addictive, illegal stimulant drug made from the coca plant of South America. It generally appears as a white powder.

Its effects include euphoria and alertness, but it can also produce dangerous side effects. Some of the side effects of cocaine include psychosis, heart problems, and insomnia.

Because cocaine is a common drug among people who deal with substance abuse, it has many nicknames.

By learning the slang terms, you may be able to recognize if a loved one is addicted to cocaine.

Cocaine Street Names

Cocaine slang terms serve multiple purposes. For instance, they may build a rapport among people who use the same terminology.

Furthermore, some cocaine slang terms disguise the conversation topic when people discuss cocaine use in public.

The use of people’s names, like “Scottie,” or even human descriptors, like “white lady,” can conceal a person’s drug use when they use these words to refer to cocaine.

Some of the most common street names for cocaine include:

  • big c
  • blow
  • bump
  • c
  • coke
  • coca
  • crank
  • flake
  • foo foo
  • gold dust
  • nose candy
  • snow
  • soda cot
  • toot
  • woolie

Crack Cocaine Slang Terms

Occasionally, cocaine slang differentiates between powder cocaine and hardened cocaine, also known as “crack.” Crack looks like small, white rocks.

It is one of the most commonly used types of cocaine. People turn cocaine into crack by mixing it with baking powder and heating it to form a crystalized rock.

Apart from the appearance and presence of baking powder, however, there are no true differences between cocaine and crack.

Nevertheless, crack cocaine has some nicknames of its own.

Street names for crack cocaine include:

  • bazooka
  • black rock
  • candy
  • cookies
  • gravel
  • grit
  • hail
  • hard rock
  • jelly beans
  • nuggets
  • purple caps
  • rock
  • scrabble
  • sleet
  • tornado
  • yam

Slang Terms For Cocaine Use

In addition to slang for cocaine, many people use nicknames for different methods of cocaine use.

A person may use cocaine in one of four ways: snorting, injection, inhalation, or rubbing cocaine into the gums. All of these methods of cocaine abuse can create a cocaine addiction.

Some slang terms for using cocaine include:

  • sniffing
  • blowing
  • doing a bump
  • doing a line
  • shooting up
  • lighting up
  • mainlining

Slang Terms For Cocaine Mixed With Other Drugs

Some people with a drug addiction may mix cocaine with alcohol and other drugs, including opioids, to heighten the desirable effects of cocaine and/or reduce the undesirable effects.

These mixtures have certain slang terms as well.

Some slang terms for cocaine-based drug mixtures include:

  • speedball (cocaine mixed with heroin, or doing cocaine and heroin at the same time)
  • bombita, belushi, dynamite, goofball (cocaine mixed with heroin)
  • shabu (cocaine mixed with methamphetamine)
  • snow seals (cocaine mixed with amphetamines)
  • ethan (cocaine mixed with LSD)
  • handlebars (cocaine mixed with Xanax)
  • draf (cocaine mixed with MDMA)
  • C & M (cocaine mixed with morphine)
  • bazooka, banana, caviar, crescent roll, cocoa puffs (cocaine mixed with marijuana)
  • el diablo (cocaine mixed with marijuana and heroin)
  • el diablito (cocaine mixed with marijuana, heroin, and PCP)
  • space, whack, Scottie/beam me up Scottie (cocaine mixed with PCP)
  • dirty fentanyl, takeover (cocaine mixed with fentanyl)

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction is a serious but treatable mental health condition.

Spring Hill Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center that offers personalized, evidence-based care for people dealing with substance use disorders.

Spring Hill’s levels of care include detox programs, behavioral health strategies, and a focus on the participant’s healthcare.

If you, a family member, or another loved one is dealing with cocaine addiction, contact us today to learn about our addiction treatment programs.

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