Slang For Meth: Most Common Street Names For Meth

Methamphetamine, meth abuse, and meth paraphernalia have many slang terms. Nicknames can identify drug use and code the sale of illicit drugs and paraphernalia. Some common street names for meth are crystal, ice, and crank.

Those involved in meth abuse and selling methamphetamine utilize street names to cover up their activities and evade law enforcement.

Street names can refer to forms of meth, different weights of the substance, the side effects of meth addiction, and meth paraphernalia.

There are several slang names for meth. Some of the most common are:

  • ice
  • crystal
  • speed

Nicknames for meth use and paraphernalia are:

  • meth mouth
  • glassing
  • pookie

Learn more street names for meth and slang terms for selling, using, and the instruments of meth.

Street Names For Meth

Meth is one of the most popular substances for drug abuse. It creates pleasurable short-term effects, such as confidence and bouts of intense energy.

As a stimulant, it works on the central nervous system. Once pleasurable feelings wear off, harsh side effects form, such as meth psychosis, weight loss, and damaged mental health.

Meth is classified as a Schedule II substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Unless meth is prescribed for medical reasons, such as for ADHD treatment, meth is illegal to sell and use.

This is why there are street names for meth and other drugs used for substance abuse. Nicknames may hide and confuse those trying to disrupt drug activity.

Names can refer to what meth looks like, depending on if it’s in the white powder or clear crystal form.

Some street names for meth are:

  • accordion
  • aqua
  • bump
  • chalk
  • cotton candy
  • evil sister
  • flowers
  • gak
  • hare
  • hot ice
  • ice cream
  • jug of water
  • la glass
  • la ice
  • Mexican crack
  • rims
  • poor man’s coke
  • rocket fuel
  • salt
  • shaved ice
  • shiny girl
  • shabu
  • super ice
  • spicy kind
  • tina
  • truck
  • tweek
  • vidrio
  • walking zombie
  • water
  • windows
  • white cross

Street Names For Different Types Of Meth

There are many types of meth, each of which has a distinct appearance accompanied by different names.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is one of the more popular types of meth. It’s usually sold in a clear crystal form. People typically smoke crystal meth, but others may snort or inject the drug.

Nicknames for crystal meth are:

  • cris
  • cristy
  • glass
  • pointy ones
  • popsicle
  • shards
  • shatter

Pink Meth

Pink meth is a version of meth mixed with pink food coloring. This makes the drug look more appealing to younger people, or those trying the drug for the first time.

This type of meth resembles the popular candy Pop Rocks. It has an extra layer of flavor to accompany its effects.

Street names for pink meth are:

  • strawberry meth
  • strawberry quick meth
  • soap dope

There is a newer substance that targets young adults and teens. “Scooby Snax” is a synthetic drug that mimics stimulants such as meth and cocaine.

Blue Meth

After the breakout television show Breaking Bad premiered, there was a rise in a new type of meth called blue meth.

In the show, the main character creates a purer form of meth with a blue tint.

This type of meth is mostly no different than other forms of methamphetamine. The main difference is that it has a blue color. This is done to make meth look more “sexy” and “cool.”

Street names for blue meth are:

  • blue
  • big blue
  • blue magic
  • blue sky
  • fring’s blue
  • smurf
  • smurf dope

Meth Mixed With Other Substances

Some wish to offset or intensify the effects of meth by mixing it with other substances. Additional nicknames come from these drug combinations.

Meth can be paired with similar energy-inducing uppers or opioids that make one drowsy.

Meth combination nicknames are:

  • biker coffee (coffee and meth)
  • croak (crack cocaine and meth)
  • hugs & kisses (MDMA and meth)
  • jet fuel (PCP and meth)
  • screwball (meth and heroin)

Slang For Meth Use And Paraphernalia

The effects of meth use cause severe physical and mental changes. Erratic behavior and body movements related to meth abuse have sparked nicknames.

Depending on how meth is abused, different instruments are needed. Names are created to hide the purchasing or exchanging of paraphernalia.

Slang terms for meth paraphernalia and use are the following:

  • Tweaker: Someone who engages in high meth usage.
  • Tweak: Repetitive and constant body movements of someone high on meth.
  • Pookie: A small meth pipe used for smoking.
  • Meth mouth: Tooth decay and meth perforations from smoking meth.
  • Hot rolling: Inhaling liquid meth.
  • Hat railing: Inhaling vapors of meth.
  • Glassing: Snorting meth.
  • Geared up: Being high off meth.

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