Cost Of Meth: How Much Is A Gram Of Meth?

Methamphetamine is a relatively cheap stimulant drug. Street prices vary, but a gram on average costs $20 to $40. Many factors can affect this price, including purity, where it’s manufactured and sold, current substance abuse trends, and law enforcement efforts to stop production.

Methamphetamine or “crystal meth” is an illicit drug used for its energy and euphoria-inducing short-term effects.

Due to its ability to quickly build tolerance, methamphetamine addiction is high in those who engage in meth use.

The ingredients needed to make meth are not hard to find. This makes meth one of the cheapest substances for drug use.

Other factors affect the price of meth, including where it’s manufactured and sold, how pure it is, and how effective criminal justice efforts are in stopping trafficking.

Continue reading to learn how much a gram of meth costs, what affects price, and the dangers of buying and ingesting meth.

The Cost Of A Gram Of Meth

As a type of amphetamine (a stimulating drug), meth induces confidence and increased energy, generates alertness, and curbs appetite.

Though there are some medicinal uses of meth, illicitly produced methamphetamine is illegal.

As of December 2019, the average price of a gram of methamphetamine was $20 to $40.

An 8-ball of meth (3.5 grams) costs between $40 to $60. An ounce of meth (28.3 grams) costs $150 to $300.

Meth can be sold in smaller amounts. A single dose or “bump” of meth may be anywhere from $3 to $20. One dose will last six to eight hours. There are around five doses in a gram.

This comes from research from a well-populated city in the U.S. Nationwide, prices fluctuate. Read on to learn what affects these prices.

Factors That Influence The Price Of Meth

Certain products have different prices depending on where you are in the U.S. This rings true for illegal substances. Many factors affect the cost of methamphetamine.

Factors affecting the price of a gram of meth are:

  • level of purity and form of meth
  • where meth is made and bought
  • how much of a demand there is for the drug
  • how effective law officials are at seizing and prosecuting meth production

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

Purity And Type

The most well-known type of methamphetamine is crystal meth, but there are several different forms of meth. They vary in color, potency, and structure.

Some types of meth are:

  • pink meth
  • medicinal meth
  • blue meth
  • p2p meth
  • liquid meth

Typically, the more potent a drug is, the pricier it will be. If a drug has many additives in it, it will be cheaper.


Meth is made by drug cartels and others in secret drug labs. It’s possible to find the ingredients for meth at department stores or online.

This makes it a cheap street drug. However, this doesn’t mean it’s always available.

In some areas, meth production is sparse. When there is less supply, the cost for a gram will usually rise. If smuggled from afar, this can also raise prices.

Those close to significant drug manufacturing areas, such as the Mexican-California border, usually find cheaper methamphetamine.

Drug dealers operating in cities with a high drug volume may lower their prices to convince more customers to use meth.


Drug trends change with the advent of new substances, cultural movements, and overall societal mood. When a particular drug is popular, it may raise its gram price.

This can also lower other drug prices. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2.5 million Americans used meth in 2020.

Opioids, especially fentanyl, are currently more commonly abused than methamphetamine. Meth prices are sometimes lowered to attract new customers.

Law Enforcement Efforts

Law enforcement agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), spend a lot of time investigating the manufacturing, transporting, selling, and buying of meth.

When they’re able to track and seize a shipment of substances, it affects both the consumer and seller. Because there is less of a drug on the market, its price will rise.

If traffickers have to use more advanced smuggling methods, dealers may raise the price of a gram.

Can You Buy Meth Online?

COVID-19 restrictions created a vast online community dedicated to buying, selling, investing, and glorifying methamphetamine use.

Reddit forums, 24/7 Zoom meetings, and Facebook pages have sprung up in the thousands. Members trade photos, videos, and messages about meth in these virtual rooms.

Drug dealers also post information about how to buy meth. It’s never certain who someone is interacting with online, but many go to chat rooms to purchase substances.

Dangers Of Meth Use

Meth overloads the brain with dopamine, creating an alert and hyperactive state of mind.

Compared to other stimulant drugs, meth is especially addictive and can create physical dependence within just a few uses. Several dangers accompany meth use.

Some dangers of meth are:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • frantic and violent behavior
  • hallucinations, paranoia, and meth psychosis
  • tooth, jaw, and gum issues
  • liver damage

Commonly, meth use will lead to a substance use disorder (SUD). If someone attempts to stop meth use, they may experience withdrawal symptoms from meth.

At this point of meth addiction, some viable treatment options are to detox with health care providers or to enter an inpatient program.

Treatment centers can help a person with an addiction to safely withdraw from meth and start to take the road to recovery.

Addiction Treatment In Massachusetts

If you or a loved one are ready to seek help with a substance use disorder, many behavioral health options can assist in recovery.

At Spring Hill Recovery Center, we offer many levels of care, such as inpatient and outpatient programs. Treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Reach out to a specialist to learn what to expect during residential treatment at our recovery center and start the road to healing.

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