Addiction Treatment in Ashby, MA

Surrounded by 70 acres of peaceful woodlands, Sunspire Health Spring Hill is a residential addiction treatment center that allows you to clear your mind and reconnect with nature as you focus on your recovery. This center uses a wide range of evidence-based treatment methods, including medication-assisted treatment and behavioral therapies, to create a treatment plan aimed at promoting long-term recovery and reducing the chance for relapse. In addition to your clinical treatment plan, take advantage of complementary recovery activities like art, music, or recreation therapy in the surrounding outdoors. At our charming, nature-inspired accommodations, you’ll feel right at home as your start this new chapter in your life.

What is a day at Spring Hill like?

At Spring Hill you’re surrounded by pristine woods, giving you the chance to reconnect with nature and with yourself. From morning to night you have therapy and activities that keep you focused on your journey to recovery.

Therapy is tough, but worth it.

Each day in treatment you learn about your addiction, process the hardships it caused, uncover the reasons you keep using and practice healthier ways to cope with triggers in recovery.

We learn from each other.

At Spring Hill you discover that other people understand where you’re coming from and the struggles you face in your life. No one judges you—they support you and care about you getting better.

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