E4Health Alcohol And Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage

E4Health is a behavioral health risk management company that works with employers to offer employee wellbeing programs. Services through E4Health insurance includes referrals for employees in need of drug or alcohol abuse treatment.

E4Health is a company that works much like insurance companies, partnering with employers who have 300 or more employees (in most cases).

Some smaller clients and populations also use their programs. Generally, the company works with Fortune 500 employers to provide additional mental health services and health support to employees in the workplace.

Spring Hill Recovery Center is in-network with E4Health, which provides recovery support through employee assistance programs (EAP), Wellness, and Care Coordination programs.

To find out if you have access to E4Health and its benefits, you should:

  • Talk to your employer about your coverage
  • Reach out to an E4 health coach
  • Learn more about coverage and verify coverage prior to starting treatment

E4Health Coverage For Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Rehab

E4Health is not, by definition, an insurance company. It is something your employer signs up for alongside your traditional insurance carrier and the coverage you purchase.

The coverage you’ll have for the alcohol and drug treatment or mental health treatment you want will depend on the health insurance that your employer purchased through your traditional health plan.

E4Health offers three different programs that are used in addition to traditional health insurance coverage. They have an EAP, Wellness, and Care Coordination program. Each of these programs may be purchased separately or together, which can factor into the amount of insurance coverage you receive for treatment.

Most clients receive support through HealthMap, which has benefits such as:

  • LifeReach: five-minute surveys that help identify psychosocial, behavioral and other issues
  • Population data analytics and triage
  • Work-life specialists, who are available every day of the year
  • Masters-level counselors
  • Coaches
  • Personal outreach to employees based on need

Employees may be able to get a referral to their substance abuse treatment facility or residential treatment program of choice by working with health professionals and coaches who can help determine their treatment needs. E4Health does not offer treatment services, other than counseling and intervention, for employees.

Using E4Health To Pay For Massachusetts Substance Abuse Treatment

E4Health itself is not a specific health plan, so coverage for a substance use disorder may be provided through a secondary insurance company.

The E4Health website does offer a 24/7 toll-free helpline that can be used for management and emergency situations. An immediate clinical assessment is done through the program, which then may provide you with a referral to the appropriate behavioral health centers for care options.

If you do not carry insurance through your provider, then you should consider yourself a self-paying client at a rehabilitation facility.

Employee assistance program services are paid for by the service or hour, depending on which are used:

  • EAP initial sessions for 45-60 minutes: $60
  • EAP individual for 45 to 60 minutes: $60
  • EAP Family without client: $60
  • EAP Family: $60
  • EAP member services: $60

These sessions may be used to get the referrals that are needed to seek assistance through a drug rehab program.

Do I Have To Stay In-Network To Use My E4Health Coverage For Drug Rehab?

E4Health may provide you with a referral to go to a Massachusetts drug rehab center. The company offers its own services with Masters-level counselors and work-life specialists, video, and in-person solutions.

The company does not provide insurance coverage for services through other treatment facilities, however. Coverage for drug and alcohol treatment programs will likely be provided through your traditional health insurance plan.

What Will Be My Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Rehab?

If you plan to attend alcohol and drug abuse treatment, then you need to find out which health insurance provider you have. Your insurance documents will tell you if you’re covered and if you can receive care at the rehab facility that you choose.

E4Health’s clinical advisors may be able to give you a referral to the facility that you would like to attend, based on your medical conditions and addiction recovery goals.

How Do I Find A Massachusetts Rehab Center That Accepts E4Health?

E4Health is not an insurance plan, yet many treatment centers work with E4Health by taking part in their network of preferred treatment providers, such as Spring Hill Recovery Center.

Facilities within the E4Health treatment provider network should be covered under the employee’s personal health insurance plan provided through their employer as a secondary aspect of their care.

Is Medical Detox Covered By E4Health?

Medical detox may be required for some patients, and it’s often the first step toward sober living. E4Health does not specifically provide coverage for detoxification services, but it does help employees create plans for treatment and encourages counseling for emotional concerns.

Does E4Health Cover Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment may be available through E4Health’s system of Masters- level counselors and providers. If not, the team can refer an employee to a facility offering outpatient services or outpatient rehab programs that can help.

Is Partial Hospitalization Covered Through E4Health?

Partial hospitalization is not covered through the employee assistance program, but your traditional health insurance plan may cover it. Your PHP program may be covered by your health insurance policy and enhanced with the use of your EAP.

Is Massachusetts Intensive Outpatient Treatment Covered Through E4Health?

E4Health does not cover the costs associated with intensive outpatient treatment, but the counselors may provide low- or no-cost treatment through telehealth, in-person services, or other options through the supplemental insurance plan.

Does E4Health Cover Sober Living?

Sober living costs are not covered by E4Health. However, the supplemental insurance company does provide access to counselors who can speak with employees and help them get referrals to the support services they need to enter back into normal society.

Does E4Health Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment programs may be advised by the counselors on E4Health, but that doesn’t mean that the company covers the costs. The employee’s personal health plan may cover MAT, depending on the drugs that will be used and their prescription drug plan.

Are Methadone Costs Covered By E4Health?

No, the costs of medication-assisted treatment and methadone are not specifically covered by E4Health. Yet employees who can benefit greatly from methadone maintenance therapy may be able to use their primary insurance plan to cover methadone costs, accessing other addiction treatment services through the EAP offered by E4Health.

Will E4Health Cover Suboxone Therapy?

E4Health is not a traditional medical provider, so it does not provide prescription drug coverage. However, the staff may refer you to a drug rehab center where you can receive Suboxone therapy. That therapy may or may not be covered by your traditional health insurance plan provided through your employer.

Verifying Your Massachusetts E4Health Coverage

Having an Employee Assistance Program is a little different than having traditional health insurance. Normally, the program works with your health insurance to send you to a treatment facility that can help you most.

The EAP counselors may provide a referral to Spring Hill Recovery. If so, then we can work with you and help you get the treatment that you need. We would be happy to go over the addiction services provided through the E4Health network as well as those that you may want to access through our recovery program.

We offer treatment options to residents throughout the U.S., especially to those in the northeastern United States.

Spring Hill Recovery offers residential rehab and day treatment options to those struggling with alcohol or drug use or co-occurring mental illnesses throughout the New England states, including:

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about recovery program options here at Spring Hill Recovery or the services that we provide, please reach out to us.

Our helpful agents are standing by to take your call and would be happy to talk to you more about our programs and what kind of insurance coverage you’ll have when you come to treatment.

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