Lifetime Healthcare Insurance For Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment

Lifetime Healthcare is a health insurance company that works as a holding company, funding health services for affiliate insurance companies. Lifetime Healthcare plans may provide coverage for a number of essential benefits, including alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Lifetime Healthcare insurance company is a holding company that provides health insurance plans through various affiliate companies. Among benefits offered through Lifetime Healthcare plans are behavioral health benefits such as drug and alcohol rehab programs, mental health treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment.

Lifetime Healthcare funds health services through affiliate companies such as:

  • Lifetime Benefit Solutions
  • MedAmerica
  • Univera Healthcare
  • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

This is a different kind of insurance company, but the main benefit is that there is a lower level of risk. Policyholders are less likely to pay as much as others with typical, single-company insurance plans.

Further, Lifetime is accepted at a number of addiction treatment centers throughout the United States, making it easier for Lifetime Healthcare members with substance abuse issues to get the care they need.

Lifetime Healthcare Insurance Coverage for Massachusetts Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Like with other forms of insurance, the coverage you have through a Lifetime Healthcare plan will be based on the specific plan you choose.

You may choose plans from companies such as:

Looking at each insurance carrier’s plans will give you a better idea of how the costs are covered.

The kind of coverage you receive may include the following:

  • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield offers bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans. Bronze is the lowest level and has the highest deductible, while platinum plans have the greatest coverage. These plans are available to those in the state of New York.
  • Univera Healthcare offers managed care, dental plans, and indemnity plans for groups and individuals.
  • MedAmerica provides long-term care insurance to employer groups and individuals.
  • Lifetime Benefit Solutions offers flexible plans built to suit the needs of specific patients.

Using Lifetime Healthcare Insurance To Pay For Addiction Treatment

There is no question that it can be expensive to pay for addiction treatment, so you will want to look into your specific plan to determine if your drug or alcohol treatment program will be covered.

Some potential treatments that could be covered by your insurance provider may include:

  • Medical detox
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Inpatient and residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient rehabilitation
  • Transitional recovery services
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Sober living support

Do I Have To Stay In-Network To Use My Lifetime Healthcare Insurance For Massachusetts Drug Rehab?

The coverage provided by the insurers who are in the Lifetime Healthcare Companies group may vary, so it’s important to read the insurance pamphlets and guides carefully.

With each of these treatment providers, there may be different coverage levels available. For example, on the Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, you’ll need to stay in the network to get the best rates, but out-of-network treatment may still be covered in part.

Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Rehab

Since each of the members of the group are different, you’ll have to check into their specific coverages to determine your out-of-pocket costs. Some common out-of-pocket costs include paying to meet your deductible, paying copays, and covering travel costs.

If you find that these fees are not affordable, you may be able to obtain a scholarship or grant to go through drug rehab. Many treatment facilities also provide other payment options, such as sliding scale fees or private lending.

Finding A Massachusetts Rehab Center That Accepts Lifetime Healthcare Insurance

If you want to know if your preferred treatment center will accept Lifetime Healthcare insurance, the easiest thing to do is to contact the insurance company and to search for in-network facilities.

You can also reach out to our staff at Spring Hill Recovery, and we will let you know your coverage level, expected out-of-pocket costs, and any other information that will help you understand your potential treatment costs.

Does Lifetime Healthcare Cover Inpatient (Residential) Rehab?

Lifetime Healthcare plans may cover the cost of inpatient treatment. Coverage does depend on the affiliated insurance company and the plan that you enrolled in. Most health insurance plans cover a portion of inpatient drug rehab, ranging from 40 to 90 percent.

Is Medical Detox Covered By Lifetime Healthcare Insurance?

Medical detox is a part of recovery for many patients. Lifetime Healthcare insurance plans may cover the cost of detoxification services depending on your individual plan.

Does Lifetime Healthcare Cover Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient rehabilitation may be covered by Lifetime Healthcare insurance companies. Generally, you will need a referral or approval to enter into a facility for outpatient treatment, but this will vary based on your specific plan.

Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Covered Through Lifetime Healthcare Insurance?

Partial hospitalization programs may be covered through Lifetime Healthcare’s affiliated insurance partners. Your plan’s literature will state the coverage amounts for in-patient and out-patient providers.

Partial hospitalization can be costly, so you may be asked to seek other forms of treatment first or to meet specific requirements, such as obtaining prior authorization, before seeking PHP treatment.

Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Covered By Lifetime Healthcare?

Intensive outpatient treatment may be covered by Lifetime Healthcare’s affiliated insurance companies if patients need more intensive care than can be provided by outpatient treatment alone.

Does Lifetime Healthcare Provide Insurance Coverage for Sober Living?

Lifetime Healthcare’s affiliated insurance providers may provide coverage for sober living treatment and ongoing healthcare support. Most insurance plans cover between 40 and 90 percent of all substance abuse treatment.

You may need to pay a deductible, meet your out-of-pocket maximums, and cover copayments before the company will cover the remaining services in full.

Does Lifetime Healthcare Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for a substance use disorder may be covered by insurance providers within the Lifetime Healthcare Companies group. Coverage levels will vary based on your drug benefits.

Are Methadone Costs Covered By Lifetime Healthcare Insurance?

Methadone comes in a few different forms. Whether you choose a pill or injection, the costs may be covered, at least in part. Your prescription drug plan may state the cost of pills or injectable medications.

Your prescription plan may also state which specific medications are covered and which are not, so you can choose the best option for your ongoing treatment plan.

Will Lifetime Healthcare Cover Suboxone Therapy?

Suboxone is a helpful tool for those who are struggling with opioid addiction. It’s available in several forms. The pharmacy benefits portion of your plan may discuss the overall cost of Suboxone and your expected coverage.

Verifying Your Lifetime Healthcare Insurance Coverage

Before you choose to work with any kind of substance abuse treatment facility, it’s a good idea to make sure your insurance company is going to cover the costs associated with your care.

If the rehab center is in-network, then you will get a better rate than if you choose to go to a substance abuse treatment program that is not within your insurance company’s network.

At Spring Hill Recovery, we offer our services to those throughout New England and may accept your insurance for treatment as well.

Some of the states we service include:

We know that it can be difficult to determine if your insurance company is going to be accepted by the treatment facility of your choice. That’s why we would like to take care of that concern for you and verify your insurance.

Once we do, we can talk to you about the overall expected cost of care, any restrictions on your care, and how much you can expect to pay for addiction treatment services over time.

At Spring Hill Recovery, we would like to welcome you to our Massachusetts alcohol and drug treatment facility. We are here to help you on the road to sobriety and will work with you to help you get to a place of health and security. Reach out to us today to learn more about your treatment options.

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