Fall River, MA Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Alcohol and drug rehab centers in the Fall River, Massachusetts area bring hope for recovery to those who suffer from addiction or other substance use disorders. They provide inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment for anyone who may be struggling with addiction issues.

Most people who use drugs and alcohol never realize the hardships that may come along with the path ahead. Drug and alcohol addictions alter the brain waves and transform the mind into believing a person can get on and get off drugs and alcohol easily.

The truth addiction is a deadly disease, and the outcome can be fatal if a person does not seek help before it’s too late.

Massachusetts has many rehab centers in and around the state, including in the Fall River area. Many choose to go through inpatient treatment and other options to detox and break the chains of addiction.

Fall River, Massachusetts Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Fall River is located in Bristol County, Massachusetts, and has a population of over 87,000 people. It is ranked the 10th biggest city in Massachusetts.

The rate of substance abuse from the ER admissions data shows Fall River has the county’s highest rate at 16.3 to 20.2 per 100,000 people within the county of Bristol.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in and around Fall River can help combat drug and alcohol abuse and get addicted residents the help they need to recover.

Fall River Drug And Alcohol Treatment

The state of Massachusetts put forth laws to help ease up on the drug and alcohol abuse in the state. Along with drug and alcohol rehab centers, Massachusetts state law allows the courts to send a person who has a substance use disorder to an addiction treatment center (court-ordered rehab).

The courts would demand inpatient treatment for the person suffering from addiction in hopes to keep them from harming themselves or others. In addition to inpatient treatment, Fall River and surrounding areas are also home to a number of other addiction treatment options.

Choosing An Addiction Treatment Facility

There are many factors a person needs to look into when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center. Since addiction is already uncomfortable, it is essential to find a healing place that suits the needs of the individual.

These are some key points to look into:

  • Customized treatment programs: individual rehab programs are designed with your specific needs in mind and help make you feel comfortable to work on resolving addiction and related issues.
  • 24-hours care: the most severe addictions will need constant monitoring in early recovery.
  • Facility licensing and accreditation: the best treatment centers will hold all proper and required licensing and accreditations from one or more accrediting organizations.

Rehab Centers Near Fall River, Massachusetts

There are quite a few addiction treatment options in and near Fall River. They all have their techniques and style of handling inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and residential treatment programs.

Alcohol And Drug Detox

When it comes to starting over from alcohol and drugs, the first step in treatment is often detox. This cleans out the system of any toxins in the body. Detoxification is a medical procedure, which means you’ll receive care and support during this time.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient drug rehab consists of up to 90 days of intensive care services for those struggling with addictions. It is a more extensive alcohol and drug treatment program where most recovery beginners go. Inpatient treatment has a residential treatment setting, providing a home-like environment for optimal comfort during recovery.

Outpatient Treatment For Substance Abuse

The treatments performed in an outpatient treatment center can be helpful for those in early and continuing recovery. In outpatient rehab programs, the patient goes home at the end of the day.

These rehab programs include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs and can include approaches such as 12-step support groups. Homelife remains during outpatient rehab programs, while intensive treatments take place.

Sober Living And Transitional Facilities

There is no greater feeling than moving to a greater you during inpatient treatment for addiction. After this phase of treatment comes the transitional phase. Many who complete residential drug rehab move on to a sober living home for continued support in recovery.

Aftercare And Continuing Care

After the transition phase ends, relapses can still occur. Knowing you have support and help from an aftercare program can help you know you have a fighting chance. A person comes out of rehab stronger, and knowing they are not alone in the battle of addiction with access to continuing care helps them remain strong in recovery.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Fall River, Massachusetts

Getting help can save your life or the life of a loved one. If you’re looking for addiction treatment in Massachusetts, look no further than Spring Hill Recovery Center.

Our alcohol and drug rehab center in nearby Ashby, Massachusetts is ready and willing to take people in from the storm of addiction. We provide a range of affordable substance abuse treatment programs so you can get the help you need close to home.

Not only do we cover Fall River and surrounding cities, but we serve addicted individuals and their family members throughout the state of Massachusetts and greater New England.

When you struggle with substance abuse, getting treatment before it’s too late can be crucial. Don’t wait another minute to begin your recovery. Contact Spring Hill today to learn more about our rehab programs.

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