Toms River, NJ Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Drug addiction and substance abuse are problems that are not uncommon in Toms River, New Jersey. As a result, it is essential for residents in this area to understand the many benefits of drug rehab and where they can find treatment.

Substance abuse occurs when a person finds themselves drawn to a dangerous substance despite its addictive nature.

Drug rehab programs and addiction treatment facilities are designed to help those in this situation by giving them the strength and specialized care to become free of drugs for good.

Toms River was voted the 14th and 15th safest cities to live in back-to-back polls. Yet recent massive drug busts—and a state-wide overdose death rate that’s been increasing each year—show that people in the area are in need of detox, inpatient treatment, and other options.

Thankfully, there are many types of alcohol and drug treatment options in or near Toms River, New Jersey.

Toms River, New Jersey Drug And Alcohol Treatment

New Jersey’s opioid abuse epidemic has forced the state police to crack down on manufacturing and dealing with these substances.

A significant bust recently captured eight people who were making hundreds of tons of methamphetamines and other substances. And an increase in investment for residential treatment facilities has also helped enhance this state and city’s drug rehab profile.

Throughout the area, drug and alcohol treatment takes on many different forms. Some stay in a treatment facility for long-term inpatient treatment, while others opt for flexible outpatient programs.

Aftercare treatment in an outpatient treatment care center is also a popular drug and alcohol rehab choice.

Selecting An Addiction Rehab Center

When picking an inpatient treatment center in or near Toms River, New Jersey, you need to make sure that you choose one that fits a variety of different needs for your addiction recovery.

Your residential treatment and detox care must be diverse, reliable, and worth your time.

Thankfully, drug and alcohol addiction can be managed using a myriad of different addiction treatment options, so make sure to look for:

  • individualized care that addresses your addiction problem in a meaningful way
  • accreditation that proves the rehab center has the training needed to handle this situation
  • evidence-based care that uses scientific approaches to provide a great continuum of care

Rehab Centers Near Toms River, New Jersey

Drug rehab is not a single treatment method designed for all patients. Instead, alcohol and drug treatment utilizes a myriad of treatment approaches to help you work toward recovery.

When considering addiction treatment programs, make sure that you understand the various types of programs to ensure you get the best care for your needs.

Alcohol And Drug Detoxification

Detox is critical for people with a chemical dependency. Your addiction can be both physical and mental, and detox helps to remove the substances from your body. You can then focus on your mental health during an inpatient or residential treatment program.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment centers provide 24/7 care that puts you in an immersive treatment program staffed by accredited and licensed professionals who understand your needs.

Also called residential treatment, these programs offer robust and diverse treatment options to better address all aspects of health affected by addition. Examples of treatments that may be offered in residential programs include mental health treatment, detox, dual diagnosis care, group therapy, and others.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment is designed for those who do not have the time for inpatient drug rehab. In essence, outpatient programs allow you to come and go as you need, getting drug and alcohol treatment when you need it. You can then go home to spend time with your family, work, or even go to school.

Sober Living Facilities

Sober living facilities are homes where you can stay temporarily to manage your substance use disorder.

At these rehab facilities, you’ll interact with other people recovering from addiction and build a recovery network that helps you stay strong and committed to your sobriety.

Aftercare Options

Your addiction recovery doesn’t end the moment you walk out of a drug rehab center. You need to stay focused on sobriety for the rest of your life, which is why aftercare is so essential.

This treatment option helps you avoid relapse by giving you an outlet when you feel compelled to use drugs or alcohol.

Spring Hill Recovery Center Near Toms River, New Jersey

Residents of Toms River, New Jersey, have many different options from which they can choose for substance abuse treatment.

Sort through your options and find one that seems to meet your needs the best, such as possessing the care methods that work the best for you.

If you’re interested in helping yourself or a loved one enter recovery, call us at Spring Hill Recovery Center today.

We are located about an hour from Toms River, New Jersey, and can provide the addiction treatment help that you need.

Our treatment specialists know how to help you manage alcohol or drug abuse and learn the tools you need to support recovery. Call our helpline now for more information.

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