What Is China White Heroin?

China White heroin is synthetic heroin made from fentanyl. It’s also a nickname for heroin that has been laced with fentanyl analogues. China White heroin is used as a replacement for heroin and has many dangerous effects and risks.

Many drugs and mixes of drugs use the name China White.

Most recently, China White heroin is the name used for a synthetic type of heroin that’s made from 3-methylfentanyl.

3-methylfentanyl is an illegally created derivative of fentanyl, an addictive synthetic drug.

China White is also a street name for heroin that is laced with fentanyl or fentanyl analogues, such as furanyl fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl.

China White heroin addiction creates higher potential for overdose death because it’s much more potent than regular heroin.

How Is China White Used?

Similar to heroin, China White heroin is usually injected, but can be smoked or snorted.

Since China White heavily resembles what heroin looks like, drug traffickers will sell it on the street as regular heroin.

It may also be mixed with street drugs and synthetic opioids to mask low purity.

China White may be combined with or contain:

  • fentanyl
  • furanyl fentanyl
  • 3-methylfentanyl
  • acetyl fentanyl
  • carfentanil
  • heroin
  • cocaine
  • morphine
  • methamphetamine
  • alcohol
  • benzodiazepines

Where Does China White Come From?

In the ’60s and ’70s, China White referred to heroin that was brought into the U.S. by Chinese smugglers. Nowadays, this form of heroin comes from other parts of the country.

China White can be made:

  • legally through drug companies (such as fentanyl)
  • illegally by drug traffickers overseas (such as 3-methylfentanyl)

How Is China White Different From Heroin?

Even though China White and heroin look very similar, they’re not the same. China White is much more potent than heroin, which makes it more dangerous.

China White is a synthetic drug made from fentanyl. Heroin is an illegal opiate made with morphine and opium that come from the poppy plant.

China White Effects

China’s White’s effects are similar to heroin’s effects; however, the effects of China White work faster and stronger.

Like other opioids, White China heroin works in the brain by attaching to opioid receptors in your nervous system.

The euphoric and intense rush that China White provides is stronger and more addictive than other opiates. This type of heroin high may last four to six hours.

Common side effects include:

  • shallow breathing
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • drowsiness
  • sleepiness

Learn more about the side effects of heroin.

Risks Of Using China White

If you or a loved one are abusing China White, you may encounter a number of risks associated with this drug use.

Substance Use Disorder

Toxicology reports show that China White is about 10,000% purer than other opiates. This high potency can lead to chemical dependence.

Drug dependency has the potential to damage many areas of life, including:

  • mental health
  • physical health
  • relationships with family, friends, and co-workers

China White Overdose

Perhaps the biggest risk of taking China White is its high chance of overdose.

China White is sometimes unknowingly bought (as the person may be under the impression they’re purchasing heroin or another substance), leading to a dangerous amount ingested.

When compared to a heroin overdose, overdosing on China White requires larger doses of naloxone, as well as a longer drug detoxification process.

Overdoses are caused by respiratory depression, slowing the normal functioning of your heart. This deprives your brain of oxygen, leading to coma, brain damage, or death.

Signs of a China White overdose include:

  • cold and/or clammy skin
  • gurgling sounds
  • discolored lips and fingernails
  • slowed or stopped breathing
  • unresponsiveness or unconsciousness

Treatment For Opioid Addiction In Massachusetts

There are thousands of overdose deaths every year in the United States. With the current opioid crisis, numbers have jumped in Massachusetts.

At Spring Hill Recovery Center, recovery from drug use is possible through multiple levels of addiction care.

Reach out to a specialist today to learn more about our accredited rehab center in Ashby, Massachusetts.

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